the low anthem

The Salt Doll Went to Measure the Depth of the Sea feels like a new palate for the Low Anthem and comes at the end of a period of profound change and evolution. A feeling of comfort, confidence and newfound identity shines through the album, which was triggered when Knox Miller was reading Where The Heart Beats, by Kay Larsen. He became transfixed by the salt doll fable he came across: a story of a doll that wants to know itself, and what it’s made of. This fable soon blossomed into a full album that Knox Miller wrote on stripped down equipment, and the end result was an album that, according to Prystowsky, “is a concept album with a story arc weaving through the songs like a constellation. It’s an underwater circular journey to the bottom of the sea following the salt doll who, attempting to measure the sea (and thus, know its true origins), in the end, becomes part of it. Along the way this non-human, conscious chemical compound, encounters all kinds of fantastical oceanic things.”

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